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Our international Reporting Portals

We help countries without anywhere to report images and videos of child sexual abuse. We provide a reporting button which feeds directly to our expert analysts in the UK, who assess the reports and remove the content. They are known as our International Reporting Portals.

Online child sexual abuse images and videos are a very real problem in any country. The challenges that go with tackling it are far reaching.

At the IWF we bring together governments, police, the online industry and civil society, to do what’s needed to eliminate images of child sexual abuse from the internet.

We work with countries who haven’t got a hotline to create a customised IWF Portal for that country, where anyone can report this imagery.

The IWF Portal is trusted by a whole host of organisations, including the technology agencies of the UN  and Commonwealth.

    How the IWF Reporting Portal will help you

    The IWF Portal enables you to provide a reporting service for your citizens to report images and videos of child sexual abuse when they spot it on the internet without you having to set up a hotline.

    The reports come straight to our experts who assess each report. This is a cost effective solution that is easy for you to implement and with back up support from our acknowledged world experts in this field.

    10 reasons why you should choose IWF Portal

    1. Quick to set up by our experts.
    2. Low cost centralised services.
    3. Ability to grow at a speed to suit your country.
    4. Back up support function from our team.
    5. Access to IWF team and latest global thinking.
    6. Protection for your citizens and peace of mind.
    7. We are the most successful Hotline in the world at removing child sexual abuse images online.
    8. Since 1996 we’ve removed over 150,000 webpages containing images and videos of child sexual abuse.
    9. We work with industry, police, government and the public.
    10. We have made the UK the most hostile territory in the world to host this criminal content. We want to help you do the same for your country.

    What you'll get

    • Customised IWF Portal

      Your country will have its own customised portal where your citizens can report online child sexual abuse images and videos regardless of where they are hosted. Our experts carry out all assessments.

    • Quick Removal

      Reports through the IWF Portal result in quick removal of online child sexual abuse images.

    • Police Collaboration

      We work with your local police to set up effective ways of removing content hosted in your country.

    • Industry Support

      We work with local companies to protect their networks through our services.

    • Annual Workshop Participation

      You can take part in annual workshops. This is where local stakeholders meet to discuss the issues of online child sexual abuse images, awareness raising and how to protect everyone from this content.

    • Ongoing Technical Support

      We offer ongoing technical support to ensure your portal is fully functional.

    • Social Media Support

      We help with raising awareness of your new IWF Portal through social media.

    • Monthly Updates

      We tell you each month how many reports we’ve received and actioned through your IWF Portal.

    • Full Year Evaluation

      We will provide an annual analysis of reports and actions taken with recommendations for the future.

    • Certification

      You will receive a certificate when your portal is up and running.

    5 steps to combat child sexual abuse imagery online

    5 steps to combat child sexual abuse imagery online graphic

    Current IWF Reporting Portals

    Sign up for our Reporting Portal

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