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What we do

We minimise the availability of online sexual abuse content. Specifically:

  • Child sexual abuse content* hosted anywhere in the world.
  • Non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK. 

The majority of our work focuses on the removal of child sexual abuse images and videos. 

We work internationally to make the internet a safer place. We help victims of child sexual abuse worldwide by identifying and removing online images and videos of their abuse. We search for child sexual abuse images and videos and offer a place for the public to report them anonymously. We then have them removed. We’re a not-for-profit organisation and are supported by the global internet industry and the European Commission. 

  • How we remove content
    • We offer the public a safe place to report suspected online child sexual abuse images and videos anonymously.
    • Our team of content analysts are experts. Their assessments are accurate and trusted by the police and internet industry across the globe.
    • We search for child sexual abuse images and videos using the latest technology. We identify them, report them and have them removed.
    • Each week, we assess and remove more than 1,000 webpages, which could be hosted anywhere in the world. Each webpage may contain thousands of images.
    • We know that every time an image or video of child sexual abuse is viewed, the victim suffers repeat victimisation.

    Find out more about how we assess and remove online criminal content.

  • We provide unique services to our internet industry Members
    • We help the internet industry join the fight against online child sexual abuse imagery, by providing a raft of world-class specialist services to our Members.
    • By developing and working with the latest technologies, we may be able to stop thousands of images of abuse from being uploaded in the first place.
    • We are an independent not-for-profit organisation, supported by Members from the global internet industry, whose membership fee funds our vital work.

    Find out more about IWF Membership.

  • We offer an international reporting solution
    • We help countries without anywhere to report images and videos of child sexual abuse. We provide a reporting button which feeds directly to our expert analysts in the UK, who assess the reports and remove content.

    Find out more about International Reporting Portal.

  • We work globally
    • We work with local, national and international police to help them identify and rescue child sexual abuse victims.

    You can find out more about how we do this here.

  • IWF in action
    • In the last 20 years we have assessed 700,000 reports. Of these, 281,781 depicted child sexual abuse.
    • We currently assess over 1,000 URLs (webpages) per week.
    • As a direct result of our work, child sexual abuse content hosted in the UK has reduced from 18% in 1996 to below 1% today.
    • Content hosted in the UK is removed quickly – usually in less than 2 hours. 
    • We hold the ISO 27001 standard and our hotline is audited by an independent team, led by a former High Court Judge.

*We use the term child sexual abuse to reflect the gravity of the images and videos we deal with. Child pornography, child porn and kiddie porn are not acceptable descriptions. A child cannot consent to their own abuse.

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