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Newsgroup Services

Five children happily walking together - caption: All children deserve to be protected from sexual exploitation

Clear your networks of child sexual abuse content by receiving direct alerts from us

Our team of expert analysts has a systematic process for monitoring the content of newsgroups and for issuing takedown notices for individual postings where we’ve identified child sexual abuse content.

Our ability to actively search for child sexual abuse images and videos includes content in newsgroups. Newsgroups are forums on the Usenet service which are used to discuss specific topics. Some newsgroups carry binary files including images and videos, and these are what our analysts assess. We know that just one newsgroup can contain/lead to thousands of images.

Newsgroup Alerts

These are notifications of child sexual abuse content hosted on newsgroup services so they can be removed.

2017 stats:

  • We issued 1,729 takedown notices for newsgroups containing child sexual abuse imagery in 2017. That is a decrease of 22% compared to 2016. One takedown notice can contain details of several newsgroup postings. 
  • 43,767 posts were removed from public access. 28% decrease on 2016 figure of 60,466.

Newsgroup List

A list of newsgroups provided monthly which either (a) contain child sexual abuse imagery and/or (b) advertise child sexual abuse imagery. 

2017 stat

  • After monitoring newsgroups in 2017, we recommended our Members don’t carry 344 newsgroups containing child sexual abuse images and videos.

Why choose the IWF Newsgroup Services?

  • Direct alerts: We'll send you direct alerts of child sexual abuse content hosted in newsgroup services so you can remove it.

  • List updated monthly: Newsgroups that regularly contain child sexual abuse content are monitored on a monthly basis and we will recommend you don’t carry these.
  • Quicker removal: As an IWF Member, we'll be able to contact you quicker if we find criminal content on your services – which will allow you to remove the content quicker.
  • Actively searching: We're one of only a handful of hotlines in the world that processes reports on newsgroups and that's actively searching for these images in order to remove them. We also carry out research to further develop our expertise.

Who can use it?

Our Newsgroup Services is available to companies that provide these services:

  • newsgroups
  • parental control software
  • network security solutions
  • online payments.

Get in touch

To talk about how our Newsgroup Service could help you, email or call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.

Giganews logo“The [newsgroup] notice and takedown service the IWF provides to Giganews is unsurpassed globally. Our gratitude goes out to the staff of the IWF for such a unique and valuable service which is ridding our Global Usenet service clusters of this blight.”

Carolyn Yokubaitis, Co-Chief Executive, Giganews

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