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Domain Alerts

Children painted feet - caption: All children deserve to be protected from sexual exploitation

Make sure your top-level domains remain free of child sexual abuse imagery by receiving immediate notifications from us

We see images of child sexual abuse hosted on legitimate domains every day. In 2018 alone, we identified more than 100,000 webpages hosting this content. Those webpages were found on 3,791 domains across the world.

We send our Domain Alerts to companies in the domain registration sector if we find child sexual abuse images or videos on domains registered through them. Every day, our analysts are identifying more content and seeking removal through sister hotlines, police and our industry Members across the world.

How our Domains Alerts can help you 

You'll get brand protection through notifications:

  • We'll send you content notifications when we see child sexual abuse images on one of your top-level domains.

You'll receive information suitable to your needs:

  • We can give you historical assessment of websites you might be concerned about.
  • We'll offer you personalised support on issues, for example patterns of abuse relating to a specific domain where we’re finding content.
  • You can sign up to monthly lists of cryptic keywords associated with paedophilic content to help you reduce the abuse of your brand.
  • We offer customised information on trends to support your needs, for example being more aware of potentially suspicious domain registrations to help you avoid the abuse of your services.

Who is it for?

Any company working in the domain registry and registrar sector will benefit from our Domain Alerts. 

Get in touch

To talk about how Domain Alerts could help you, or call +44 (0)1223 20 30 30.

Case Study - Domain Alerts

We approached Company A (a fictional name given to a real company to protect their identity) as we had discovered child sexual abuse imagery hosted on their domain. In the nine months before they became IWF Members, 562 URLs on their top-level domain (TLD) were confirmed as child sexual abuse imagery.

In the nine months after they joined the IWF, and subscribed to our Domain Alerts, this reduced dramatically to 93 URLs.

Also, if we do find child sexual abuse imagery on their TLD, we can now get in contact directly with them, and they can act quickly to suspend the domain.

Number of URLs with child sexual abuse images on a TLD before and after joining IWF as Members:

Number of URLs with child sexual abuse images on a Top Level Domain before (562) and after (93) joining IWF as Members

Donuts Inc. logo“Donuts has no higher priority than the safe operation of its domains.  Abusive imagery has no place in our registry, and we’re pleased to collaborate with IWF and put this helpful tool to use.”  

Jonathon Nevett, Co-Founder and Executive VP of Donuts Inc.

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